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Welcome to Damien's Skyscraper Page, a site dedicated to the wonders of architecture and engineering, skyscrapers. The site began in July 1999 with a few diagrams and statistics. Much has changed to the world's urban landscape over the years - for better or worse, and it is almost impossible for me now to keep up with every single new skyscraper being constructed. Over the years the site has changed focus from pure statistics and information to visual diagrams of buildings. As a result, this site is currently not an accurate source on tall building rankings. For more accurate statistics, check out my links below

300 m and over building diagram 250 - 299 m building diagram
230 - 249 m building diagram 220 - 229 m building diagram
210 - 219 m building diagram (future addition) My photos of tall buildings
Australia's tallest buildings diagram Tallest telecommunication masts
Miscelleanous tall structures Links
Skyline diagrams (Brand new addition!) Comments? Need a diagram?


May 31st - Australia's tallest building diagram updated, with the Eureka Tower, tallest building in Australia measured to the roof, and World Tower.

April 18th - My webcomic is now online. Enjoy!

March 26th - Kuala Lumpur added to the skyline diagrams

March 18th - Fact Sheet 1 updated, with new building photos!

March 10th - Fact Sheet 7 updated, with new building photos!

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