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A large collection of information and photos of skyscrapers on the Web. Professionally put together, this site has multiple information on each skyscraper listed, such as height, architect, trivia, and photos. While it gathers information from many sources, such as architects directly, there are occasions when heights or other data are incorrect. Still, it is an excellent resource. This site includes spires in the final height but not antennae.

Skyscraper page

Community-based webpage on skyscrapers. There is a large database of building diagrams submitted by artists from all over the world. There is also a large forum for discussion on tall buildings.


Got a question about a new building going up somewhere? You will most likely find an answer in the skyscrapercity forums, if not in the skyscraperpage forum mentioned above. A huge forum full of skyscraper fans who post pictures of their favourite buildings, towers going up in the world and their city skylines. Skyscrapercity and skyscraperpage forums are the two great skyscraper communities on the web.

Fan sites

All about skyscrapers

A comprehensive site on different aspects of tall buildings.

Skyscraper Picture Collection

A great site by Patrick Beckers, a photographer. He has travelled the world to more than 40 cities in 16 countries to photograph tall buildings. A great majority of the 200 tallest buildings in the world have been photographed by this man, and many of their photos are on this site.

Official building sites

30 St Mary Axe website

The website of 30 St Mary Axe, aka Swiss Re Building, or "the Erotic Gherkin", Norman Foster's futuristic pine-cone shaped skyscraper, the new landmark of the City of London.

John Hancock Center website

The website of the John Hancock Center, one of Chicago's tallest buildings.

Burj Dubai website

The website of the Burj Dubai, a megaskyscraper rising in the UAE which will be the next world's tallest building.

Secondary Burj Dubai website

Has photos, news and forum on the building

Central Plaza website

The website of Central Plaza, the second tallest building in Hong Kong.

OUB Centre website

The website of OUB Centre, Singapore's tallest building (title shared with two others)

Q1 website

The website of the newly completed Q1 tower, the tallest apartment tower in the world, and at present the tallest building in Australia.

Eureka Tower website

The website of the Eureka Tower, a soon to be opened apartment tower which will be the second highest tower in Australia and the tallest building in Melbourne.

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