Photos from my trip to Kuala Lumpur and other cities

All photos copyright Damien Koh 1998,1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005.


Looking straight up at the Empire State Building
A 212 m high skyscraper viewed from Bryant Park
The Nelson Tower, viewed from outside Penn Station
Looking straight up at the MetLife Building, a 60s brutalist skyscraper adjoining Grand Central Station
The Lincoln Building, a 50 storey skyscraper built in 1930
The Conde Nast Building, a modern glassy skyscraper rising from Times Square
The Chanin Building, a 198 m high art deco brick clad skyscraper near the Chrylser Building.
Looking up at the Chrysler Building, the second tallest building in the city.
The southernmost skyscraper in New York, the 1 New York Plaza.
The 20 Exchange Place tower, a slender art deco tower in the Financial District.
Looking up at the Chase Manhattan Bank Tower, a slablike modernist tower built in 1961.
40 Wall Street, a height rival for the Chrysler back in the 30s.
The JP Morgan Headquarters, a postmodern skyscraper in the Financial District.
3 of the 4 towers of the World Financial Center. In the foreground is the World Trade Center site.
101 Park Avenue, a sleek black glass clad skyscraper.

KUALA LUMPUR PHOTOS (With the addition of 10 new shots taken in Dec 2005!)

Near angle view of the Petronas Towers
Bangunan Tabung Haji, a 152 m high drum shaped tower
The Petronas Towers viewed from a popular vantage point
Menara Standard Chartered, a stepped 193 m high tower
Menara Maybank
Closeup of Menara Maybank
Full height view of one of the Petronas Towers
Closeup of Bangunan AMFinance
View of the narrow side of one of the Berjaya Times Square towers
Empire Tower
View of KL Tower (420 m) from an intersection
View of the Petronas Towers (452 m) on a cloudy day
Looking up at the Menara Telekom (310 m) one of KL's newest highrises
Closeup view of Menara Telekom's helipad and sky gardens
View of the twin Berjaya Times Square towers rising like a pair of bookends between the Berjaya Times Square Mall
Empire Tower, the 5th tallest building in KL
Dayabumi Kompleks, a beautiful 13 sided skyscraper
View of the Petronas Towers from the plaza at the base of the mall
An interesting skyscraper (198 m) in KL
Menara Maybank, the 4th tallest building in KL
KL's forest of highrises viewed from the KL Tower
View looking straight up the facade of the Petronas Towers
A futuristic looking skyscraper (210 m) located near the Petronas Towers
195 m high skyscraper in KL
A 212 m high skyscraper dwarfed by the neighbouring Petronas Towers
Suria KLCC, a large shopping mall between the Petronas Towers
Petronas Towers viewed from KL Tower
Base of one of the Petronas Towers
Looking up at the MayBank Headquarters (244m)
Aerial shot of the MayBank Headquarters
Looking up at the Petronas Towers (452m)
Shot of one of the Petronas Towers
View of the upper floors of the Petronas Towers
The Petronas Towers skybridge
Night view of the Petronas Towers
Another view of the Petronas Towers

SYDNEY PHOTOS (Addition of 11 new photos taken July 2005!)

Wide side of Gateway Plaza (164 m)
View of the purple granite of Governor Phillip Tower (227 m)
126 Phillip Street, Sydney's newest major high rise. The twin goalposts reach 240 m.
The tallest apartment block in Sydney, the 230 m high World Tower.
The narrow side of World Tower.
MLC Centre from Martin Place
Still the tallest structure in Sydney since 1981, the 309 m AMP Tower.
The textured facade of the Citigroup Centre (206 m)
The wide side of the AAP Centre (188 m)
The Cove and Grosvenor Place, both designed by Harry Seidler.
126 Phillip Street from the rear.
M.L.C Centre (228 m) from the plaza
Chifley Tower (215 m)
Base of the AMP Tower (305 m)
A view of MLC Centre from the AMP Tower
Citigroup Centre (206 m) from the street
A shot of the MLC Centre looming over
Sydney's newest high rise, the elegant Aurora Place (187 m)
The mirror like quality of the Governor Phillip Tower (227 m)
AMP Centre (188 m)
Another view of Governor Phillip Tower, this time from the corner
View of Chifley Tower from the main entrance side
Close up view of Aurora's glass facade
Sydney's most famous landmark, the Opera House
Grosvenor Place, Sydney's largest office building (180 m)
The base of Grosvenor Place
View of the city from Circular Quay
Enormous shells of the Opera House
This view shows the millions of tiles which cover the Opera House
Qantas Centre (188 m) from the side
Australia Square (167 m) is Australia's tallest cylindrical building
Aurora Place, Governor Phillip Tower and AMP Centre from the Botanical Gardens
Channel 9's TV Tower (233 m), in North Sydney
Another view of the TV Tower
The famous view, of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge
A good shot of the AMP Tower.
Unknown building, from the street
The base of MLC Centre
I snuck up the elevator to the 50th floor. The Chifley Tower is visible
The lobby of the MLC Centre
Evening view of AMP Tower
Close up view of National Mutual Centre (120 m)
Good shot of the National Mutual Centre. I like the speckled quality of the windows.
My hotel
The skyline in the afternoon
Nightview from AMP Tower
South view from AMP Tower


New photos
A few pictures taken from the roof of AMP Building:

View down to BankWest's base
View of BankWest, note the AMP neon sign on right
View up to Central Park
View ahead to Central Park's 30th or so floor.
The view north

A few taken from other city buildings

View south
View east

Recently I have been into the CBD to take photos of the high rise buildings there:

Older photos

Another angle of the Central Park Tower
Central Park from across the street
The serrated glass facade of the BankWest Tower
BankWest Tower from across the street
Perth skyline from the freeway
Perth skyline taken from across the river
Panoramic shot of the city, taken from Kings Park
Dramatic shot of the BankWest Tower (214m)
Another photo of the BankWest Tower
View of Central Park (226m) from top to bottom (Composite)
Perth's third tallest building (156m) the QV1
The upper floors of the BankWest Tower
Looking up at the BankWest Tower
The entrance of the BankWest Tower
The glass facade of the BankWest Tower
Looking up at the Central Park Tower


Looking up at the Republic Plaza (280m)
Another view of the Republic Plaza
The entrance of the Republic Plaza
Looking up at the OUB Centre (280m)

New photos taken August 2004
Singapore skyline viewed from City Hall station
OUB Centre and UOB Plaza
Classic view of OUB Centre
Corner view of One UOB Plaza
Asia's former tallest building, OCBC Tower
Singapore's 4th tallest, Capital Tower
235 m high Temasek Tower
Singapore and Merlion at night
Singapore's tallest hotel, the Swisshotel
218 m high Millenia Tower
The 4 tower complex Suntec City
The DBS Tower
Singapore viewed from Suntec City roof

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